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Create Videos that Break the Internet Without Breaking the Bank: Video Marketing For Business Owners and The 4 Step Content Plan

What You'll Learn:

  • The biggest mistake you’re making in video marketing 

  • The 4 step content plan 

  • How to overcome mediocre marketing 

  • The HUGE advantage you’re missing in video

Ready to Create Something EPIC? 

You have a great company. You have a great product. You have the passion. Now, you want to share your expertise with the world and most importantly, you want to increase your ROI. 

You’ve put blood, sweat, and [maybe] even tears into your business, but you’re just not getting the results you want. OR maybe you are but you’re shooting for the mountains and “good” results just aren’t good enough. 

You want EPIC. 

We feel the same way here at StoryCrews. 

Good is alright, but EPIC is more our style. When it comes to marketing and advertising many businesses falsely believe, “I’ll just tell my story, my story comes from the heart. You can hear my passion for the company.” 


Well, you’re right… but you’re also wrong. Passion for your company is crucial, but when it comes to creating a video content plan, passion [again] just isn’t enough. 

Don’t let your passion fade, but our team here at StoryCrews can reveal the 4 steps to creating an EPIC video content plan that goes beyond just passion. 

Epic Videos Don’t Happen Overnight 

You’re on track with the keyword “story,” but as consumers, we don’t think in just ONE story. We think about MANY. 

Let’s rewind and take it back to the prehistoric times. 

Cavemen wrote on the walls, Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics, then we moved towards scrolls, Latin, so on, and so on. Although our way of writing may have changed, the act of writing didn’t. 

With each and every form of writing, we choose to tell a story. 

We are conditioned as storytellers from birth. Our mothers and fathers read us bedtime stories at night because that’s how we remember things. Stories make us feel something, an emotion is stirred and the story can affect our emotional state so much that we take action. 

Stories create emotion, and emotions trigger action. 

Bringing this back to marketing, because this is the Garlic Marketing Show, StoryCrews bridges marketing and storytelling together. With our platform, agencies, businesses, videographers, and video marketers can understand the importance of applying storytelling to the video marketing realm. 

Story + Video + Marketing = $$$$$

So you’ve got the master plan, now you’re ready to make your marketing EPIC. Right? 

Not quite. 

If you don’t have the right strategy, you’re going to end up starting over and over again. Trial and error, trial and error, etc. Sometimes you have to accept that it’s not always going to work. But our storyboard blueprint strategy has a bulletproof track record, so trial and error are out of the question. 

But, epic videos don’t happen overnight. Stay tuned for the step by step process.

The Storyboard Blueprint Process in 4 Steps Increases Engagement 24/7 with Viewers  

The BIGGEST MISTAKE that people make when it comes to making videos and marketing their business is that they don’t start with strategy. Often times people start with other platforms (ex. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) and try to figure out the video from there.

Before we get into the steps… 

Video storytelling also reaches an increased level of engagement with viewers. Someone’s newsfeed has all ranges of video, marketing, and advertisements. But in reality, marketing is competing with TASTY food DIY videos, cat videos, and baby videos. 

Which would you rather watch a cat playing with a laser pointer or an advertisement for a criminal defense attorney?

Obviously, we pick the cats! 

If only there was a way to spark a viewer’s interest…. VIDEO STORYTELLING. 

Pairing video and story can actually go head to head with cats because viewers will want to see what happens next in the story. They can connect with the story and scroll to the next video with lasting emotional effects.

Alright, we spilled the beans on how to rank high up in Facebook’s analytics with cat videos, but we hear many people skip the strategy. We’ve shared a peek into the logic, science, and psychology behind video storytelling, but without the blueprint, you can’t execute it properly. 

Click here to download our storyboard blueprint process!

With the Storyboard Blueprint Process you establish:

  1. Your Goals 

Narrow in on your business goals, and think about who your goals should be geared to. Who is your target customer? This leads to step 2. 

  1. Your Ideal Avatar 

The ideal avatar isn’t just a certain demographic. It’s about understanding their problems, wants, needs, and alibis. Who do you want to work with? What do they want to get away from? What do they need to know? What are their excuses for not moving forward?

  1. The Story

Then you can begin collecting your preview client stories. With your previous client’s experiences, you can cut out scene by scene which part will speak best to your ideal avatar. 

  1. The Journey 

We think in stories, storytelling is how we’ve passed down information through generations. Legends, folk tales, tall tales, stories are what we remember. But, it’s not just one story, it’s a litany of stories. The same story crafted in different ways. 

Here’s an example of the execution: 

Remember Apple’s first commercial, 1984? 

When the iPhone came out they didn’t talk about the amazing features or benefits. They talked about how you can transform your life with this device. The transformation of the consumer with an iPhone is the story. As consumers, we put ourselves into that story and picture ourselves with the iPhone. Can you imagine it? 

Here’s another example from one of our clients: 

The Dentists Studio reached out to us for video marketing. After we went from video to marketing, to storytelling and his videos are still generating results after 6 years! Stories are timeless. Video STORIES are never-ending and they never expire. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Zach, the dentist, closed a $12,000 case directly from a video we made for him 7 years ago!

Why Aren’t You Using Video Storytelling…? 

Alright, alright. We’ve said our peace. 

Take it or leave it, but we have ONE more tip. Storytelling is FUN. It’s not the same old marketing and advertising that you’ve seen before. 

It’s not “salesy.” 

It IS story that SELLS… but without sounding like a used car salesman. 

You can actually have fun with marketing your business. Again, you’re passionate about what you do, why not show it and have fun with it? And even better, produce great results for the clients YOU WANT. 

Ready to start using video storytelling into your pipeline? Find a storyteller now. 

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