Posted 12/21/2020 in Marketing and Strategy

How and When to Raise Prices Without Losing Prospects with Vinnie Fisher

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Vinnie Fisher, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fully Accountable. Together, they discuss the importance of raising the prices of your services and products and the benefits that come with it.

After selling several successful businesses, Vinnie opened Fully Accountable. Fully Accountable is a fractionable CFO and controller service that provides a solution for e-commerce and tech companies who are making 7-figures and over in revenue. By acting as the full accounting and finance department, their goal is to help their clients win their time back at a fraction of the cost using their abundance of resources.

In this episode, Vinnie and Ian discuss how to decide when a business should charge more for its services. Vinnie also talks about how these changes can affect your marketing and the importance of respecting your own products and services.

Watch the full interview below:

Are you trying to figure out how to price your products and services? Worried about losing customers and potential clients along the way? 

We’ve all been there. Trust me.

Pricing is one of the most important things in our business. Yet, there’s little strategy to it.

That’s why I spoke with my good friend, Vinnie Fisher.  He knows A LOT about pricing. 

Vinnie himself has several successful businesses in the past, including two over 8 figures.

Currently, he’s the Founder and CEO of Fully Accountable where they act as outsourced CFO t for digital companies earning 7-figures+ in revenue. He sees pricing in hundreds of businesses.

In this episode, Vinnie explains how and when you can raise prices WITHOUT losing prospects.

“Without losing prospects? Same statistics on conversions? That’s impossible!” 

With Vinnie’s advice and strategy, it’s VERY possible. He describes his own experiences with price testing and how he was able to increase his shopping cart value by $20 with the same statistics on conversations.

The podcast includes a lot of lessons he’s learned from his own experiences over the years:

NEVER give free gifts (you’ll never get paid again). Value your own time (if you don’t, who will?) Benchmark against yourself (where do you stand?)

To learn more about how you can do all of this and more, watch the podcast today.

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