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One Video Can Rule Them All

The Right Video at the Right Time will

  • Increase Traffic 

  • Increase Qualified Leads

  • Make You an Authority

  • Drive Higher Profits

  • Make Happier Customers

  • Make Your Business the ONLY Choice

There is one video that does this at EVERY point on the customer journey.  

The Video Case Story (NOT testimonials).

At authenticWEB, we’ve perfected the art of the video case story.  

We’ve also created a 12-step system for Collecting, Crafting, and Delivering them perfectly, especially when you can’t get close to your clients…

The Dynamic Case Story Process will deliver customer videos THAT CONVERT.

Every Dynamic Case Story goes through our 12-step process.

You are then delivered a final set of videos, formatted for every platform including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Instagram Stories
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Our team can also pull out multiple clips for microcontent, which will present your stories in different ways and different formats.

With every Dynamic Case Story Package, you will get: 

  • 20-minute session planning your customer story

  • Our team doing all of the follow up to set up a remote interview

  • Our team interviews for story, making your client feel at ease while pulling out the best story for your marketing

  • All Audio 

  • All Raw Video

  • Transcriptions

  • A Video EDITED FOR CONVERSION with animated text

  • Microcontent 

Other options include: 

  • Creating multiple versions of your Case Stories

  • Compilation Case Stories

  • Sending a videographer for a second version if version one rocks

  • Facebook Retargeting Ads

  • Youtube Optimization

Video Examples

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