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Dr. Scot Gray

Owner & Director of Stem Cell One

Once Dr. Scot Gray started using video marketing his health practice was able to hit the 6-figures mark monthly. His road to success wasn’t always easy. Dr. Gray still had to spend a lot of time “selling his services once patients came in. What he needed was high-quality patients, pre-sold on his services. For Dr. Gray, the key to bringing it all together, to filling his office with pre-sold patients, was online video and patient video case stories. Click play to hear his story above.

Tanner Larson

CEO of Build Grow Scale

Once Tanner shifted his company’s marketing efforts from testimonials to video case stories, they saw immense growth in the success rate and uptake rate of new clients coming on board. Tanner himself says that case stories provoke powerful emotions because they are genuine and authentic. Now he’s hooked on online video and video case stories! Click play to hear his story above.

Mark Laney, MD

CEO of Mosaic Life Center

Lifecare can be a very difficult subject to explain just in words. As Mark says in the video, it’s really something you have to experience. Mark found that the best way to show others the value of Mosaic Life and lifecare was through the medium of video. Cosmic Sauce Agency was able to create beautiful stories and videos for Mark, stories that connected with viewers and helped them understand what Mosaic Life and lifecare are truly about.

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