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4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Video Marketer

Where is your video going? How are you going to use your video? What is the primary purpose of your video? These are the questions a video marketer will ask AND answer

A video marketer is an expert across all market industries. They understand the distribution of a video, generating traffic, conversion rates, closing leads faster, making you an authority, how to sell bigger (and more) deals and the difference between intention vs. attention. 

The video marketer is creating a business agenda that ensures the longevity value of a video. It’s not just about making the video pretty, it’s creating a pretty video that leads to a pretty penny. 

Ready to mix video and marketing together? 

"The video marketer gets results and understands the need for video storytelling." - Ian Garlic, CEO of authenticWEB


1. Video Marketing Makes You THE Authority 

The video marketer has the vision to take your company to the next level with the power of online video. 


Imagine your client waking up in the middle of the night with a huge problem for which they need an immediate solution. Wouldn’t it be great for you to be there right away to help them in person? With the help of a video marketer, you can be. 

Video marketers create videos designed to answer the questions your clients have every day so that when they need an answer, they can turn to your company for a solution. By answering your clients’ questions, you increase your online authority and thus your number of sales.


2. Generate the Right Traffic with SEO

Want to boost your rankings on search engines with the RIGHT traffic? 

Online video marketing increases the number of website visitors who contact you. This is because the optimized video shows up in search engines and drives more traffic to your site, increasing your authority and visibility in social media. Because YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google, integrating online video into your site is the key to growing your business. Video marketers know how, when, and what platforms to utilize for your videos to generate the right traffic. 

  • SEO HACK # 1 Google and YouTube both love good content. These powerful engines can determine whether your content is good or not based on how long your viewers watch. People are more likely to click and watch the entire video of your customer story than your “commercial.”

Google rewards you with higher rankings. YouTube also rewards you by making you a “suggested video” to other viewers.

  • SEO HACK # 2 Google and YouTube also reward more links to your video. No one will link to your explainer video, your company overview, or even a cool animation. Create a compelling story, on the other hand, and your video will get embedded in articles around the web. Suddenly, your customer story becomes the center of a link campaign.


3. The Distribution Method and Conversion 

People go to Facebook for a distraction from reality. Simply putting an ad for your business on Facebook disrupts their peace. Yet, companies do just that, then claim Facebook ads don’t work. While people want to hear stories of people they relate to on Facebook, they don’t want to feel like they’re being sold an advertisement. 

In order to be successful on Facebook, you have to first craft a compelling story on video of someone you helped. Next, identify the characteristics of your ideal customer to create a specific audience. Finally, deliver that video to them.

If you ONLY deliver that customer story video to people who have visited your website, you can capture another 20-50% more leads. Video marketers know the ins and outs of generating more leads, better leads, bigger and better deals through the distribution method and conversion. 


4. They Understand the Math of Success 

The math of success is easier than you think. Video marketers are experts at utilizing videos for a specific company. Let’s say you drive 25% more traffic by optimizing your video in those three places mentioned above. 

That’s a conservative estimate, but it’ll work for our math. 

Next, say 25% more traffic goes to your landing page and your website where there is another video. Now, conversion rates increase by 20%. Finally, you show those site visitors another video on Facebook after they leave your website. Let’s say that also increases the number of leads by 25%. Since these all work in succession, you have a compound effect. You now increased leads by over 95% thanks to video marketing.



What’s Next? 

Ready to take your videos to the next level with the help of a video marketer? Hire one of our best today in your area.

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