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Posted 06/25/2019 in Hiring

Hiring a Videographer vs. a Video Marketer: What's Best for Your Business?

Skyrocket Your Marketing with the Right Videos and the Right Hire

Are you ready for a more innovative marketing approach? If you’re tired of mainstream marketing, get ready to incorporate video into your pipeline. As social media and the internet continue to dictate the market place, the appropriate marketing needs to evolve in its footsteps. The increase of pre-recorded, live, and shared videos have surfaced across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Video started with friends sharing with other friends, but now businesses have latched onto the opportunity to expose their products and services as users scroll through their feed. With video, potential prospects can see you, your services, and your previous customers. Video bridges the gap between “salesy” jargon and creates a relationship with viewers. 

WAIT. Don’t Hire Anyone Yet 

Wait! Don’t hire a videographer or video marketer JUST YET. We hear a lot of companies say, “we just need one video,” or “I just need my customer story told.”  If you’ve mouthed these words, you’re skipping the essential steps of video marketing. There needs to be an analysis of your company before a video is even made. Every company is different with a unique audience. A video should be geared towards a specific audience to gain the RIGHT viewers, views, and consumers who actually subscribe, respond, and convert. A videographer has a rough understanding of marketing, but it’s not the same as a video marketer. Similarly, the video marketer might not be an all-out artistic visionary like a videographer. The difference between the two is the mindset. The video marketer is engulfed with a business result mindset and the videographer has the artsy-cinematic mindset. 

There’s more to Video than Going “Viral” 

Viewers can now subscribe to your videos, (and they will) because once you utilize the video format of marketing, prospects will hear, see, and connect with you. You may already know you need video in your marketing, but which video lover is right for your company? Some companies are only looking for a videographer with the gear, artistic vision, and ability to produce an awesome, aesthetically-pleasing video. Other companies want more guidance. They need a video marketer who can create a video and distribute it properly with an awesome sales strategy. Who’s right for you? A videographer or a video marketer? 

The Videographer With an Artistic Vision 

A videographer has an artistic vision. The ultimate videographer understands the right lighting, sound, angles, and the subject. A videographer owns and directs the set. They know how to create a scene, fix a scene, manage your talent (the subjects of a video), and how to make the subject of the video comfortable.

Strengths of a Videographer: 

  • Has the gear 

  • Some understanding of marketing 

  • Understands angles, lighting, sound

  • Manage talent

  • Artistic vision 

  • Set up b-roll 

  • Understands visual storytelling 

  • Help direct for story 

  • Know video output

At STORYCREWS, we often meet extremely talented videographers, cameramen (and women), directors, and film guru’s who have a special niche for operating the camera and crafting beautiful scenes. They have the ability to create a video that’s aesthetically pleasing with immaculate use of lighting, sound, and angles. Videographers understand the visual aspects of storytelling. 

The Video Marketer With a Business Agenda  

Most of the time, agencies are looking for a video marketer. They want someone who understands the business side of a video. A video marketer is able to depict the scenes of a video and translate it into a converting story. Clip by clip, sound bite by sound bite, and scene by scene, it all acts together to move the prospect along the customer journey. There isn’t a moment wasted in the video that doesn’t drive the customer journey to its end. A video marketer also understands how, when, and where the video should be distributed via: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

Strengths of a Video Marketer: 

  • Helps Generate Traffic 

  • Helps with Conversion 

  • Leads Will Close Faster 

  • Knows how to make your business the authority 

  • Helps Sell Bigger Deals 

  • Helps Sell More Deals 

  • Understands intention vs. attention 

  • Understands distribution method 

On the flip side, we also meet extremely talented video marketers. Remember, video marketers, know GOOD copywriting. They understand a business avatar and they can create a business strategy molded for a specific set of business/marketing goals. 

Your Video’s, Our Listings

Here’s where STORYCREWS comes in. We understand different industries are in need of different things. These are the key differences between a videographer and a video marketer. STORYCREWS.COM meshes the worlds together to form a place where businesses can find videographers AND video marketers.

Both videographers and video marketers are extremely valuable for agencies. However, it’s important to know which is right for you and your company. Each video fanatic understands the need for video and can help increase your authority and exposure to potential prospects. Learn more about videographers vs. video marketers by watching the latest episode of the Garlic Marketing Show! 

What’s Next? 

Do you still need help figuring out if a videographer or video marketer is right for you? Scroll to our next section, “The Basics,” where we dive into the nitty-gritty of hiring a videographer vs. a video marketer.  

Part I. How to Hire a Videographer 

You’ve seen videos, and now you want video, you need video for your company, but you don’t know how to video. You ask yourself, “how does one begin to video?” 

Look no further, we’ve got the steps for you. Hiring a videographer can be easier than hiring a video marketer, but most companies falsely believe they only need a videographer rather than a video marketer. Hopefully, our step-by-step process can help steer you in the right direction during the hiring process and answer questions about who to hire for your company. 

Ready to video? Let’s begin. 

Videographer, this is the first “title” for someone with a talent for video. They start to learn the ropes of the camera, capture action shots and develop incredible cinematography. They start to make their own movies and find their specialization. They begin with short clips and possibly develop into a full-on filmmaker! Their background could be film, radio, television, etc. or simply their favorite hobby and side gig. You never know where their video roots stem from, but what we do know is they have a talent for video that can help your company. If your company is already established or you’re just looking for a really beautiful video, then a videographer is only a search away. If you already have a good idea about how to use video marketing or have a marketing team, a videographer can deliver amazing scenes for you. 

Here’s the scoop on what a videographer can do for you:

They’ve got the gear

A videographer has the GEAR (if you want to gear up on your own, we cover video gear 101 in our next segment). Most companies (unless you’re a production company) don’t have their own gear and that’s O.K. A videographer has the latest and greatest equipment to achieve beautiful scenes and the video accessories, so they never miss a shot. Video creation is their passion and their gear is savvy enough to accomplish great results. You won’t need to worry about getting your own gear if you hire a videographer, they’ve got it covered. A videographer has the right resources to deliver a video that can be used over and over again. 

Here’s a peek into what equipment they might bring to a shoot:



  • A Cam gh7 | C200 

    • 50mm lens 1.8 aperture or better

  • B Cam g7 | Canon m50 

    • Zoom lens

  • Stabilizer (Zhiyun Crane works well with m50)




  • 2 Surge Strips

  • Two 32 gb Cards per Subject (Class 10 UH1)

  • Back up Drive with Min 500 GB available (and cord)

Download the FULL Gear Checklist Here

Lights, Camera, Action

Cue lights, cue A-Cam, B-Cam, and ACTION. 

A videographer has the ability to make sure the cameras, angles, sound, and lights are up to par. As we said before, the videographer takes pride in their work. They want to make a spectacular video, and this demands perfect lighting and angles. This is where their marketing can fall short. Unfortunately, often times, a videographer only knows a little about marketing. They may have a rough overview of your audience, but they’re not a marketing major. They’re focused on creating something that LOOKS good, whereas, a video marketer is focused on CONVERSION. When you hire a videographer, angles, lights, and the cameras will be in the right places to make sure all subjects on film don’t have a shiny forehead. 


A Red-Carpet Director 

Who are the stars of your video? 

It’s probably your staff, team members, and YOU. A videographer knows how to direct your talent and make sure their hair, clothes, and lights make them look good on camera. They might push for multiple takes to make sure they have the best shot of you. A videographer wants all of his/her subjects on video to compliment the story. 

They also understand the aspects of visual storytelling. They might tell your staff to sit a certain way or look off into the distance to allude to a greater theme in your company’s story. A videographer can direct and manage your talent to utilize the importance of story. 

The All-Out Artistic Vision 

All in all, a videographer has an artistic vision for your company’s video. They can set up AWESOME b-roll to resonate with potential prospects and make viewers feel like their experiencing a similar situation as the subjects of the video are. A videographer puts viewers in the hot seat, to make them walk away from a video- moved. A videographer is an artist, and your company’s video is their canvas. 

Is a videographer right for you? Hire a videographer in your area today. 

What’s Next? 

We’ve shared all the deets about a videographer and why they’re visual artists. Do you think your company is in need of a videographer? They might not be! Scroll to Part II, where we share the in-depth analysis and procedure of a video marketer. 

Part II. How to Hire a Video Marketer 

Where is your video going? How are you going to use your video? What is the primary purpose of your video? These are the questions a video marketer will ask AND answer. 

A video marketer is an expert across all market industries. They understand the distribution of a video, generating traffic, conversion rates, closing leads faster, making you an authority, how to sell bigger (and more) deals, and the difference between intention vs. attention. 

The video marketer is creating a business agenda that ensures the longevity value of a video. It’s not just about making the video pretty, it’s creating a pretty video that leads to a pretty penny. 

Ready to mix video and marketing together? 

"The video marketer gets results and understands the need for video storytelling." - Ian Garlic, CEO of authenticWEB

Video Marketing Makes You THE Authority 

The video marketer has the vision to take your company to the next level with the power of online video. 


Imagine your client waking up in the middle of the night with a huge problem for which they need an immediate solution. Wouldn’t it be great for you to be there right away to help them in person? With the help of a video marketer, you can be. 

Video marketers create videos designed to answer the questions your clients have every day so that when they need an answer, they can turn to your company for a solution. By answering your clients’ questions, you increase your online authority and thus your number of sales.

Generates the Right Traffic with SEO

Want to boost your rankings on search engines with the RIGHT traffic? 

Online video marketing increases the number of website visitors who contact you. This is because the optimized video shows up in search engines and drives more traffic to your site, increasing your authority and visibility in social media. Because YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google, integrating online video into your site is the key to growing your business. Video marketers know how, when, and what platforms to utilize for your videos to generate the right traffic. 

  • SEO HACK # 1 Google and YouTube both love good content. These powerful engines can determine whether your content is good or not based on how long your viewers watch. People are more likely to click and watch the entire video of your customer story than your “commercial.”

Google rewards you with higher rankings. YouTube also rewards you by making you a “suggested video” to other viewers.

  • SEO HACK # 2 Google and YouTube also reward more links to your video. No one will link to your explainer video, your company overview, or even a cool animation. Create a compelling story, on the other hand, and your video will get embedded in articles around the web. Suddenly, your customer story becomes the center of a link campaign.

The Distribution Method and Conversion 

People go to Facebook for a distraction from reality. Simply putting an ad for your business on Facebook disrupts their peace. Yet, companies do just that, then claim Facebook ads don’t work. While people want to hear stories of people they relate to on Facebook, they don’t want to feel like they’re being sold an advertisement. 

In order to be successful on Facebook, you have to first craft a compelling story on video of someone you helped. Next, identify the characteristics of your ideal customer to create a specific audience. Finally, deliver that video to them.

If you ONLY deliver that customer story video to people who have visited your website, you can capture another 20-50% more leads. Video marketers know the ins and outs of generating more leads, better leads, bigger and better deals through the distribution method and conversion. 

They Understand the Math of Success 

The math of success is easier than you think. Video marketers are experts at utilizing videos for a specific company. Let’s say you drive 25% more traffic by optimizing your video in those three places mentioned above. 

That’s a conservative estimate, but it’ll work for our math. 

Next, say 25% more traffic goes to your landing page and your website where there is another video. Now, conversion rates increase by 20%. Finally, you show those site visitors another video on Facebook after they leave your website. Let’s say that also increases the number of leads by 25%. Since these all work in succession, you have a compound effect. You now increased leads by over 95% thanks to video marketing. 

What’s Next? 

Ready to take your videos to the next level with the help of a video marketer? Hire one of our best today in your area. 

Part III. The Choice is Yours, Videographer or Video Marketer?

Which Video Guru Will You Choose? 

We’ve gotten to the core of a videographer and we’ve given you the depths of a video marketer. 

Where does your company stand? 

Take the next step with online video and hire someone who can jump-start your company in the video game RIGHT NOW. 

Click here to find a videographer or video marketer in your area. 

I can see it now, your company on the big screen. Find the best video guru for you in just one search. Use your video’s over and over again. Say goodbye to mainstream marketing and hello to video marketing. 

P.S. Videographers and video marketers aren’t exclusive to a specific field. They can switch from industry to industry. However, they know what they’re best at and you want to get whatever is best for your company. Ready? Start searching here. 

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