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Posted 06/11/2021 in Marketing and Strategy

Simple Shopify Changes to Quickly Increase Your E-commerce Revenue by 20% with Tanner Larsson

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Tanner Larsson, the Founder of BuildGrowScale. Together, they discuss how to optimize an E-commerce store. 

Tanner first began his career as an entrepreneur in 2001 when he built a window cleaning company. When he wasn’t able to work in the business anymore, he sold the business and began living off of his savings and eBay sales. After discovering digital marketing and learning about digital products, he fell in love with it. Tanner began buying books and learning about every aspect of direct response he was able to. With a clear grasp on digital marketing, he put out his first course and realized quickly, by the demand of his material, that he found his niche. 

In this episode, Tanner and Ian discuss the simple changes you can make to your e-commerce store today to increase revenue by 20%.  Tanner also explains how they’ve reached over 400 million dollars in total sales impacted.

Watch the full interview below:

What You'll Learn:

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