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Posted 01/20/2021 in Marketing and Strategy

Learn How to Grow Your Business From 25 to 150 Employees Using Attorney Consulting and Coaching with Mike Morse

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with Mike Morse, the President and Owner of Mike Morse Law Firm. Together, they discuss the importance of being different from your competitors and staying away from herd mentality.

After founding his firm in 1995, Mike stayed solo up until around 2007 with only 25 employees. After hiring Gino Wickman as his mentor, he managed to go from 25 employees to 150 in a short period of time. For Mike, he owes his growing successes to coaching and being able to implement what he’s been taught. Now, he coaches law firms across the country, giving them advice on the lessons and mistakes he’s made himself. 

In this episode, Mike and Ian discuss how to succeed with video, as well as the types of videos Mike creates for his law firm. Mike also talks about the #1 marketing tool that he would use now if he was starting out his firm today.

Watch the full interview below:

What You'll Learn:

  • The importance of standing out amongst your competition

  • What’s holding back most professionals, lawyers, dentists

  • How the herd mentality KILLS your firm growth

  • How to stand out in a crowd of video

  • The importance of delegating and elevating to grow your business 

  • The key move to “untrap” the lawyer

  • The #1 marketing tool Mike would do now if he was starting out

  • How much money and time small law firms should spend on their marketing

  • How Mike handles video dislikes and “haters”

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