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Gear 101: Buying the Right Gear to Make Awesome Online Business Videos

If you’re a video guru like us at STORYCREWS.com, you already know the gear you need. But, it’s even better to have a gear checklist to follow. With a gear checklist, you eliminate any problems whether it’s forgetting some of your gear or having something not charged or worse, broken.

Download the FULL Gear Checklist Here



Test, test, test, 1, 2, 3…. If you’ve been on lots of shoots you know testing your cameras is one of the most important things to do before you start rolling. If you’re a newcomer, testing your cameras is obvious, yet easily forgotten 

  • A CAM: So your main camera is the A Cam (once again if you’re an expert we know you already know this but it’s a nice refresher).
  • B CAM: Secondary footage, B-roll, two camera setup


YOU NEED A STABILIZER (if u don’t already have one) 

Want kicka** B-roll? Invest in a stabilizer! Stabilizers are usually $300 to $400, but it is totally worth it. Even if you’re not up for the investment quite yet, you can rent one and try it out. Hubspot stated last year that, “at least 50% or more of your marketing content next year should be in video format, either hosted natively on social or created with social distribution in mind.” A stabilizer is versatile and flexible for a number of shots. You also won’t miss any awesome action shots. A stabilizer can give your footage a better advantage for better quality.



We have to repeat it because it’s so important, TEST, TEST, TEST. You should test your mics to make sure they are working properly, headphones, recorder (input, output, recording), and back up mics. You should also make sure your batteries are charged AND backup batteries have a good amount of juice! You never know how long a shoot could take and you want to be prepared.



When looking to buy gear we often get caught up on the big-ticket items. What's the newest camera? What's the best lens? Should I get the DJ Mavic Pro or the Spark?

Yes, you do need a camera, but there are a few other less "sexy" pieces of equipment that you should have on hand at any video shoot.

  • Surge strips
  • Extension cords 
  • Gaffers tape 
  • Duct tape 
  • Multitools

To keep the shoot running smoothly we highly encourage you to pack these basic staples. You never know what will go wrong on a shoot and having these tools on hand can save you from a headache and wasting time.


  Download the FULL Gear Checklist Here

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