Posted 11/09/2020 in Marketing and Strategy

David Finberg of Peaks Digital Marketing Gives the SEO Tips for Doctors and Medical Offices

In this week’s episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ian sits down with David Finberg, the CEO and founder of Peaks Digital Marketing- a full-service SEO and lead generation firm based in Colorado. Together, they discuss all the current, easy tips and tricks in SEO for medical professionals, lawyers, and other competitive businesses.

After working at several startups, David decided to fully move into the digital marketing industry. With his expertise, he has generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients and has ranked thousands of first-page search terms on Google.

In this episode, David and Ian discuss the newest opportunities in SEO and the content you should focus on creating to increase your rankings and traffic. He also delves into the importance of putting video on a website and the successful results he has had.

Watch the full interview below:

It’s been a wild ride in the markets. As I'm writing this, the Dow is up over 1000 points because of news of a possible COVID vaccine. Big News!

As a former professional trader, people often ask me for my investment advice. I am in a few stocks, some real estate, and a few other investments. If you are a business owner, your business is your best investment. It’s the highest leverage, the biggest return move. 

Let’s look at a great stock. Amazon’s stock doubled last year. That’s a home run. There are a few stocks that did better, like Zoom. Some people made a ton. Some people were crushed in other stocks, like cruise lines. No matter what, once you pull that money out, it’s done making you money. When you invest in great marketing, you reap dividends for years to come. 

Great Video is one of the best investments for your business. 

Your prospects get an opportunity to connect with you that requires zero extra effort on your part. Once you’ve gained from video, it still produces dividends. We have clients that are making 5 figures a year PER VIDEO with videos we made 7 years ago.  No stock will ever do that.

The other great investment is SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Google is not going away. Everyone goes to Google for everything. The more you are there, answering prospects queries, the more you gain. I love SEO as an investment because of the long term, continuous returns.

Like any investment, you have to know the best places to put the money. That’s why I brought on SEO expert David Finberg to talk about the current state of SEO. I wanted to know where the best places were to be investing right now.

In this interview, David shows us what’s working right now specifically in SEO for Doctors and Medical practices. Even if you are not running your SEO, you should listen to this.

Knowing SEO for business owners is akin to having an understanding of the stock market. You don’t have to know everything, but you have to be able to spot good strategies. You also have to be able to avoid bad ones.

SEO DONE RIGHT can easily double your investment in 2-3 years. I know, it’s not the sexy ‘get rich quick’ numbers you see from marketers. 

Great marketing is a grind that pays off slowly, consistently.

If I told you I had a stock that has an 80% chance of doubling in 2-3 years, you would dump all of your money in it. You would borrow money from your family. Better than just doubling, SEO will pay you dividends for years to come. Just like any rising stock, it’s better to invest sooner, heavier because you will get a bigger bang for the buck. This interview and a little action will be some of the best investment advice you get for a long time.

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